With over 75 years of combined experience,
N2 Solutions has been providing process optimization solutions
for plastic processing, focusing on the sheet/film, compounding
and converting industries. We offer auxiliary equipment dedicated
to improving web quality, increased yields and throughput,
by reducing thickness variations and improving material usage.

We are proud to represent the following companies:


Online Web Measurement and Control Systems

Totally Distributed intelligence (TDi) for measurement sensors, scanners and systems platforms assures fast,
precise and reliable measurement and control of continuous web processes. NDC offers the industries
widest selection of non-contact, non-isotopic sensors for measurement of most web applications.

Networked intelligence makes remote process viewing, system operation and integration with
factorywide systems virtually “plug & play”.

Extrusion Gear Pumps / Screen Changers / Flat Dies
and Feed Blocks / Pelletizing Systems

Maag extrusion gear pumps, screen changers, thermal profilers and pelletizing systems have been
industry standards for years.
In 2007 Maag introduced flat sheet and film dies for the Plastics Industry.
For Mono layer or Coex films up to 9 layers, foam or corrugated constructions with throughputs up to 6,600 #/hr.
Premium steel construction and heavy internal chroming assure Xtreme wear resistance and low maintenance.

Gravimetric Blending and Material Handling Systems

Process Control Corp. builds plant wide precision gravimetric blending and material handling systems
for pellets and powders.
Upgrades of our legacy systems to new digital PLC based touchscreen controls and
brushless feeder drives allow yesterday’s equipment to become today’s technology offering easier recipe setup,
a wider range of blending rates and integration of multiple blending stations. Our networked systems provide
for remote or local control of blender operations and accurate reporting of material usage.

Extruder Control Systems and Upgrades,
Custom Electrical Control Systems, Machinery Design /
Build and Installation Services